Thursday we will have fun, fellowship and a great Thanksgiving dinner followed by preparation of the GIFT WORKSHOP for the next day. The actual gift preparation day is Friday.

Dates: Nov 27 at 3 PM – Nov 30 at 10 AM 

Place: Laredo Stepping Stone Missions Camp, Laredo, TX


        Age 11+: $16
        Age 5-10: $8
        Age 0-4: free
Breakfast: $6
Lunch: $8
Dinner: $9 (Thanksgiving Dinner will be a bit more)

For further information, please contact us:
Holly Garcia (325-212-0778)


For Thanksgiving weekend reservations please call:
Lisa Komaneicki: (325-227-5232)

A passport, passcard or birth certificate and driver’s license is NOT necessary for Thanksgiving weekend because we will remain on the Texas side of the border.